Our History

My mother grew up in a little town by the sea. She spent her childhood days swimming across “the cut” and lying in the sun. In the evenings, she would return home to find my grandfather, Norwood Young, phoning in his report to the Huntley-Brinkley nightly news. Norwood was a member of the Associated Press and the United Press International. The dining room table would be hidden beneath scattered papers, a depression-era typewriter, and pewter ashtray. I still have granddaddy Norwood’s typewriter. All my siblings have pressed and forged on every vintage letter and number, listening to the clack, clack, clack, and waiting for the magical ding at the end. I even typed my first school report on that typewriter. I find inspiration, even now, thinking of those glass keys. I find inspiration in Granddaddy Norwood’s memory. I find inspiration in a time when a job well done was standard. At Norwood Writers, we value the tradition of standard and inspiration in every project we complete.

Norwood Young
Granddaddy’s Typewriter

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