ThunderFoot: Part II

ThunderFoot Band room

ThunderFoot is a rock & roll band playing a range of music from Eddie Money to Tom Petty, Susan Tedeschi, Grace Potter, The Pretenders, and originals. We have experience playing locally at bars & restaurants, Wild Caught Festival, Beaufort Music Festival, NC Seafood Festival, weddings, private parties, and more.

Meet the Band



“You’re going to major in Business Administration.”

– Marj’s Dad
Marjorie singer

Marjorie has always been a singer.

She grew up singing in the church choir with her dad. Later, she joined an a cappella vocal ensemble that traveled to Italy and performed all over the country.

After being accepted into the School of Music at ASU, Marjorie found out she was expecting her first child, Charlotte.  Putting musical aspirations aside, she majored in Business Administration. 

Busy with life and being a mom, Marjorie found her way back to music.

She joined Beaufort Blues Project in May of 2013. Her first gig was at the popular “Hannah’s House” of Beaufort – and she’s been singing ever since!

“During this time [with Beaufort Blues Project], I found my voice and my style and my soul. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.” – Marj


“What’s all this guitar crap?”

– Neal’s mom

Neal can tell you the very moment it happened, the moment he knew what his guitar should sound like.

He was hanging out with his cousin Jake, watching MTV. A music video aired that would influence Neal immediately: Steve Vai “The Audience is Listening.”

Steve Vai is a hard rock, virtuoso guitarist. Some say the only way to sound like Steve Vai is to practice 10 hours a day.

Neal, hearing this massive and exciting guitar sound, knew he wanted to play guitar like that.

Neal puts together some incredible tones and effects that are powerful and emotional. You will feel and enjoy his mood and talent.

Bass & Keys

“Are you really into this music thing?”

– Talley’s mom
Talley Bass and Keys

Talley first began taking piano lessons with Mr. Morris on Orange Street. She traveled to Beaufort once a week for a few months, maybe even a year.

The best part about this drive into town was the one-on-one time with her mom. Riding in the car, the two would sing and dance while listening to Motown hits.

For Talley, playing piano has been a way to meet new people, build friendships, and connect with others.

These days, she’s playing a solid bass line on the keys while adding complementary piano and organ tones.


“The worst mistake I ever made was buying you kids musical instruments.”

– Brian’s Dad
ThunderFoot Drummer

Brian is a singer-songwriter. He has produced 3 albums and won awards for his original songs.

His early years were spent as a skateboard kid who was into heavy metal. Brian started playing drums as a teenager, then moved onto guitar.

He first played with a band in his hometown of Wilmington, NC. While attending college in Greensboro, NC, Brian continued to play with bands and book solo gigs.

He has played bars in New York’s lower east side and performed in a band as a multi-instrumentalist for a modern dance troop.

Brain’s interest in music ranges from heavy metal to red dirt country.

After years of playing the guitar, banjo, mandolin, and more, Brian has returned to the first instrument of his youth – the drums.

Come see for yourself why everyone falls in love with Marjorie, what it means to go to the “Tone Zone,” and what makes everyone so happy at our shows!

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Published by Talley

Talley is a teacher and a writer. She graduated from East Carolina University in May 2006, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and has been a classroom teacher for over 15 years.

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